New chapter by Dr. Santalainen in Rethinking Strategic Management has been published

"Rethinking Strategic Management. Sustainable Strategizing for Positive Impact” has now been released globally – both in electronic versions and as hardcover.

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Timo Santalainen is the author or co-author of twelve books and multiple chapters of books. Many of his books have become bestsellers. His latest book, written with his colleague Dr. Ram B. Baliga, “Escaping Business as Usual: Rethinking Strategy” was published in


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Dr. Santalainen

Timo Santalainen President and Founder, STRATNET, Geneva, Switzerland Degrees: Dr. Sc, Econ. Lic.Pol.Sc. Dr. Timo Santalainen, Founder and President of STRATNET has developed and applied the STRATNET “strategy development processes” by bringing to clients the best of its intellectual capital network.